About Organization:

Established in 2012, United helping hands Nepal (UHHN) is nationally recognized non-government, non-profitable national level social Organization. UHHN is registered under the Government of Nepal and affiliated with social welfare council.   UHHN was founded by a very dedicated diverse young and energetic group of social worker, health professional, educationalist and other professionals.

UHHN aims to build up more attention from national and international community in the development of Nepal and for welfare of Nepalese people. Nepal is one of the poorest nations among the world, despite being rich on numerous resources, due to long run internal conflict and insurgency. Nepal needs helps from both national and international community to form a peaceful and developed nation. Nepal seeks support from individual, agencies, government and non- government organization to fight back for social problems and help needy people. UHHN encourages local community and international community members to participate in community activities and aims to build good neighborhood. UHHN works for children, elderly care, health for all, education, environment protection, agriculture, community development, voice of women, women/youth/disadvantage family empowerment and many more meaningful social causes.

Almost 100% of the donation except unavoidable cost and expenses UHHN serves directly to the respective project or local community. UHHN members try to keep unavoidable cost (administration) and expenses as less as possible.




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